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Mc Kenna’s top 100 Restaurants in Ireland 2015

Martin Bealin is cooking the food of his life right now.

Talk to culinary professionals and talk to culinary critics and you will discover that both of them rate Martin Bealin’s cooking in Global Village as being right at the top of the tree. Mr Bealin has been at the stoves a long time, but there is youth in his food, and he sources ingredients with a meticulousness that is inspiring. The room is beautiful, service is calm and gracious and, as one starry chef put it, "I was just blown away by the cooking!" If you want to know how Dingle climbed to the top of the food barometer, then dinner here will show you a standard setter for the town laid down the parameters and principles which everyone else set out to match. Not just a great Kerry restaurant, but a great European restaurant.

Mc Kenna’s top 100 Restaurants 2014

You might find you have one of those rare, almost life–altering experiences, thanks to Martin Bealin’s cooking in Dingle’s Global Village.

"Writing about restaurants is too often a gushing, excitable indulgence but every now and then you find something that justifies all of the hyperbole. I went to this meal feeling scratchy and pretty pessimistic about this country and all of the silliness we tolerate but, two hours later, I left believing that any country that can produce food like this has a future. It really was that good."

Well, write that above the door of The Global Village. But it’s no surprise because, over the last fifteen years, Martin Bealin has honed his vision of his restaurant with daunting precision, utilising foods from the peninsula and — and this is the most fascinating thing to us — growing his own vegetables and herbs according to biodynamic principles. And so, in each dish, you can sense the deep nature, the impact of the sun and moon, the photosynthesis, the miracle of the things we eat. The dishes read simple — crab and cognac bisque; hake with chorizo; john dory with Dingle Bay prawns — but the flavours are endless, fathomless.

100 Best Places To Eat 2014

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